My Story

I needed fire, heart, and soul to get this story up and out of my DNA.

You are looking at a girl once not able to feel good enough to build the relationships she desired, join aspiring teams, pursue the passions she loved, or live the life she wanted all because of that one dirty feeling: fear. It wasn’t until I found the strength to sit in that fear, could it be the fuel to my flame.

As a young teen I was painfully shy. I was tall, awkward, uncomfortable in my body, and it took all of my courage to not run in the other direction when a stranger at school would say ‘hello’. Opportunities were missed and days were wasted just to avoid a pounding heart, stuttered words, and a beet red face. This kind of vulnerability frightened me but like many, I needed to know I was valued in some way. I started finding external validations through modelling. I thought if others believed I was beautiful maybe I would too. The more I worked and heard that I was beautiful the more I realized I was still avoiding situations, I still did not love who I was, I still did not believe I was beautiful, I still faced pressures to be a certain way, and I still was most certainly not living the life I wanted. No matter what value was placed on me, if I didn’t know myself how could I accept and love myself? Finally, after much internal suffering, I hit a point of dropping to my knees. What I would like to call my ‘Quantum Moment’. I thought “I can’t live like this anymore!” I would rather face my fears than live the way I was living. I knew – deep down – there was something more, something I could not find out there, but rather something that was within me. I dared to put myself in the situations I had deemed frightening. I practiced staying in that space and uncovering new passions. I would encourage myself to share my creations, to reach out to new friends, to choose love over fear.

I chose love over fear

It was hard…. it was incredibly hard, but my goodness it was worth it!

As I began to see my relationships, my confidence, and my wellness flourish, I began to thrive in my life. The more I had the courage to choose love, the more I was able to connect to my body, my mind, others around me, my passions, and eventually my purpose. This is what made me the Goddess I practice today and it is in the fruit of this healing labour I have created a mission to get to the root of the crisis of self-value that many of us are plagued with. When you believe that you have an empowering message to share, it is your responsibility to get it out into the world. My intention is to provide a lasting healing solution, to provide the tools and strategies that show girls their deep inherent wisdom, value, and beauty. It is upon us to have the courage to take risks, discover, and support each other – for no other reason then for us to be better and stronger together.

What if we had a powerful community that enables girls to create their own path? What if we could invest our time untapping every girl’s inner strengths? Maybe we could create a world not yet imagined. A world with new possibilities. Become your own Goddess, share this message.

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Dee is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, and Founder of Growing Goddesses.

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