a class for young ladies




A Class For Young *Ladies* is a class for female-identifying teens aged 13– 19.

The Oxford Dictionary defines lady as an obedient mistress who is polite and pious to perfection. It’s time for us to reclaim that archaic definition and start teaching our teen girls to take up space. This class is about finding your voice and expressing yourself with relentless curiosity.

In a Class For Young *Ladies* we shake, shout, dance and move as a way to build awareness and intrinsic confidence in a safe and supported space.    Prepare to fly ladies! 



Breathe / Rhythm 

Stretch / Reshape

Shout / Release 

Dance / Reveal




by Dee Buryk


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Dee Buryk, RYT 300+ and CNP, Dee is a former model that was hit with a decision at a young age to choose between her health or her career. Dee was fortunate to have a strong supportive network to help her on her healing process but found a lack of role models or groups to help find comfort in an ever changing body. Dee has been teaching young ladies for over 9 years how to develop a confident sense of self and empowered body.

Dee’s classes will challenge your body and have you surpassing your physical and mental limits without even realizing it. Her endorphin-firing classes are like going to a self-love party! Dee's soul-shaking music will make you feel lifted and stronger than ever. Prepare to leave class feeling different then when you arrived. 

Fun Fact: Dee is also the recipe developer for Fresh City Farms. Talk about developing empowered bodies!